Wednesday, 15 June 2011


A couple of things have come out recently. The most important of these is James Liddy: Selected Poems, which has just emerged from Arlen House. There will be a launch at The Irish Writer's Centre in Dublin on June 28 at 7.00 pm. Besides that, I've got a poem in the new Poetry Ireland and a review (of Hodge by Oliver Reynolds) in New Welsh Review. Meanwhile, I have an essay in the latest edition of The Reader on the relationship between poetry and computer games.
On the chess front, I recently played at the e2e4 event at Sunningdale. I came joint sixth in a group of players on 4.5/7 with a performance rating of 2265. Not so bad (my only loss was to GM Keith Arkell) and that was certainly a lot better than my performance of 2139 at this year's 4NCL. Probably the final event I will play this season is the Irish Championships in Dublin where I would like to improve on the score I got last year of 5.5/9.

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